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    The simple guitar

The Simple Guitar breaks the complexity of guitar-playing down into four main parts: "Sound-Variations & Technique", "Rhythm", "Talking & Phrasing" & "Scales, Chords & Arpeggios". This makes learning really easy and straightforward. If you separate these fields of music, you won‘t mix up your problems. You start focusing on the important things and you start sounding great. Immediatly!

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Courses on Udemy

Jamman Bob

Boring Solos?
Slow improvement?

Jamman Bob is a fantastic course to bring you right into the guitar universe. Soundvariations, Talking with the guitar and phrasing, rhythmic diversity and extended scales lead you to your "OWN" style. Solos and Rhythm drills will be as normal as anything. This course brings you directly to a new level of playing!

Watch the introduction video to get detailed information or checkout Jamman Bob.

Jamman Bob

  • Over 40 Video-Lectures
  • 4.5 hours of videos
  • Every section has a lot of drills
  • Printable PDF
  • All our courses are hosted on udemy.com. There you have Live-Time access to all the courses!
Make me a Jamman!

Pimp the pentatonic

Lack of variety?
Stuck with the pentatonic?

Pimp the pentatonic let's boosts your playing immediatly! Learn the best tricks like Downslides, Hops, Joe Pass and many more! Alter the pentatonic scale to a b5 scale or to a diminished! Or even extend the scale to a harmonic minor scale! Many possibilies that you can use right away!

Check it out!

Pimp the pentatonic

  • 37 Video-Lectures
  • 2.5 hours of videos
  • Every section has a lot of drills
  • All our courses are hosted on udemy.com. There you have Live-Time access to all the courses!
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The Workshops are held locally so everything is written in german. If you have questions, don't hesitate to write me.

Rhythm & Fingerstyle

Dieser Workshop bricht die Komplexität des Gitarenspiels in die 5 zentralen Komponenten: Fingerstyle, Rhythm, Chord-Extensions, Chord-Solo und Solo herunter. Grundvoraussetzung ist das Beherrschen der Standardakkorde.

Alle Workshops sind digital begleitet. Ihr bekommt Unterlagen sowie Videos um das Gelernte zu Hause dann üben zu können!

Aktuelle Termine

  • 17.11.2018 - Bahnhof Andelsbuch
  • 1.12.2018 - Bahnhof Andelsbuch

Jamman & Pimp the Pentatonic

Diese Workshops behandeln die zentralen Themen der beiden Kurse! Jeder Teilnehmer bekommt auch automatisch einen Zugang zu den Online Kursen! Lebenslang.

"Great teacher...he can teach and open the new approach of your solo. He teaches the core, still you need a fundamental theory before you can run with this lesson, after that you will be in another taste and unlock your musical mind."


Easy to lean from, like going to jam with someone and they are showing you neat things to do on your guitar. I don’t feel like I’m being taught, but more like being shown, in a non-teacher / student environment.


"Auch die Aufbereitung der tollen Videos und das Skriptums sind geniale Werkzeuge um in der Kunst des Spielens weiterzukommen."


"Du hast die perfekte Gabe die Themen verständlich zu machen und weiterzugeben. Kompliment!"